bp's science: kids are naturally scientists (v.1)

In a recent study it was found that everyday play consists of experiences that help kids learn, just the way a scientist would collect data. The leader of the study explains,

"Everyday playing is a kind of experimentation--it's a way of experimenting with the world, getting data the way that scientists do and then using that data to draw new conclusions...What we need to do is put [kids] in a safe, rich environment where these natural capacities for exploration, for testing, for science, can get free rein."

I think I've seen this "everyday play" also called "free play" or even "boring play" (which is an unfortunate name because the play is really so valuable).  What's more, I read recently in an airline magazine of all places, that adults benefit from this kind of "play" too.  Just think of the things you discover from solving a computer problem by using trial and error, or by fixing a toilet lever, or even trying out a new skill or climbing a mountain.

"Boring play"...please...

See full article here.

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