bp's science: viri (v.1)

Okay, the plural of virus is not viri, it's viruses, but anyway.

Our new computer caught a virus, or some other such nasty cyber ailment yesterday and we are currently trying to figure out how it got there. We have Norton Anti-Virus, so this isn't supposed to happen. Hmmm.

And because this post is about viruses, I'll tell you that we are experiencing our first colds of the season here at our house. All of us, that is, except for the man with the amazing immune system. He has yet to catch the virus. Which is a good thing, since he's fighting the one on the computer this evening.

I did have a great thing to share for bp's science today, but it requires the use of our stricken computer. More on that great thing later.


jo said...

What will I do without my BP's Science Tuesday? I really look forward to it. I'm sorry to hear about you and the computer (both suffering from viri) but I hope all is well soon. Until then, happy sciencing!

Chap said...

so sorry you are sick!! computer trouble is so aggravating! I spend really very little time on it each day, but like it to be ready if I want to google something, check on your blog, index, whatever!